Halotestin 10 USA-DH-3 Euro-Pharmacies 100 x 5mg Tablets



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Halotestin 5
Euro-Pharmacies 50 x 5mg

USA-Domestic – Warehouse #3

Quantity: 50 x 10mg tablets

Chemical Substances: Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)

Manufacturer: Euro-Pharmacies

Dosage – Example Only: 10- 40mg/day

Half-life (active life) 6-8 hours

Dose frequency – Example Only: Split daily before breakfast,
and early afternoon to avoid sleep disruption.

Protections During Cycle: Antiestrogen: Take 0.5mg Arimidex in ED (daily) or take 1mg Arimidex in EOD (Each other day),
Take a hepato (Liver)-protective (silimarin
) 70mg, (between 2 and 4 tabs per day).

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy): Clomid and Nolvadex during recovery: 1 each day for 20 days.


Halotestin is highly anabolic, offers lean muscle growth exceptional strength gain.

Extreme muscular gain or muscular mass shouldn’t be expected when you are using Halotestin. It is not a super effective bulking agent so do not use it if the goal to be achieved is to have massive gains in size or in weight.

Halotestin is a famous among powerlifters and athletes who are into strength / power/weight sports. One feature that is immediately noticed with Halotestin is the anabolic and androgenic rate which can only be described as extraordinary. It is definitely more potent than testosterone. 19x more anabolic and 8.5 more androgenic.

That could be unbelievable for some, but you bet that is how high the figures are for this power steroid.
But mind you these drug can bring about quite realistic effects event if it sounds too good to be true.

Powerlifters and weight athletes love Halotestin. They comprise a majority of the users for this drugs compared to body builders.
The reason behind is Halotestin’s ability to give a strength boost a few weeks before weight lifting competitions. Halotestin is also an aggression drug.
However the downside for this drug is its toxicity to the liver. Since it is hepatoxic it can cause potentially severe liver damage.

It is recommended that dosage of Halotestin be kept at 40mg a day for 4–6weeks. For purposes of added aggression keep the dosage at 10mg before workout.

halotestin is an androgenic steroid with a pronounced anabolic effect.
and is commonly use in a testosterone based cycle to put on mass and size while increasing strength.

The negatives of Halotestin,
As highlighted abover at very high doses it is possible to have some harmful effects on the kidneys and liver

It is highly advisable to respect the dosage of Halo, do not exceeding normal doses.
Do not double dose if missed a dose.

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